Apr 22, 2008


I'm lazy. I have photos waiting for me since December and another set from February and I can't find the time to process them.
I can't find the will to do it, although I really like doing it. That's sad, isn't it? Well, it's at least related to pathetic.
I'm gonna leave the city for a while so don't expect an update earlier than one week from now. When and if I do come back don't expect anything else than pictures from the vault.
These pics are from the morning of December 23rd, 2007. Enjoy you Easter Holidays.

P.S: incep sa descopar limite tehnice. :<


  1. 8->... foarte frumoase pozele. Oricum stiam o parte din ele ;;). Am uitat sa-ti zic ca mi-am luat niste cercei draguti azi, dar hai citeste la imagologie.

  2. Frumos... mai ales a 3-a are niste culori superbe.. good work.

  3. Vă mulţumesc. >:D<
    Caroline, a3a imi place si mie mult si se pare ca si pe dA place la fel de mult. :>

  4. a 3 a si ultima sunt faine rau. :)
    Si eu mi-am luat cercei draguti ieri ;))

  5. un adevarat artist (nu sunt sarcastic).
    eu nu mi-am luat cercei :(

  6. fenc iu chidiez. god bless your souls. :))
    si eu ma gandeam sa cumpar cercei.


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